A Jug of Punch

Triple-distilled Irish-American fun with flutes, accordion, mandolin, violin, and guitar. Contact: Cleve Sharp (clevelans@comcast.net, 505-507-9915).

The Singing Coyote Sisters

Donna Coy & Michelle Palmer perform Celtic, Folk, Gospel, and Sing-A-Longs. Contact: 296-2017 or 730-1985 mmcoy3@msn.com

Friends Forever

Michael and Donna Coy and Chris Nelson play Celtic, Folk, Cowboy and Originals. Contact: 296-2017 or 250-4429; mmcoy3@msn.com.
Eagle’s Whistle

Same group, but also with Andy Moss on whistle and concertina.

Celtic Coyotes

Traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Brittany. Contact: Doug Cowan celticcoyotes@yahoo.com (710-0583).

Rye Creek

Folk, Irish, western and good old mountain music. Contact Terry Ryan Axline, 293-8924 (neomexicana@hotmail.com) or Ron Trellue, 505-362-2551 (trellue@swcp.com). 

Michele Buchanan & Shanachie Harpers

765-1288 (tmbuchs@gmail.com) 

Carol Benson

Strolling Café Fiddler, Vocalist, Suzuki Teacher, and symphony violinist. Contact: 505-268-0906 (carolbens@gmail.com)

The Anslovers

Teenagers Emily, John, and Jamie on violin, guitar, and upright bass. Contact: John & Lorraine Anslover at anslovernavy@comcast.net.

Saoirse ("seer shih," Irish for "freedom")

Celtic music from Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, and Galacia, spiced with jazz and world beat. Contact: Harlow Pinson at hpinson@indepthl.com or 994-2135. 

Iscuma ("It Doesn't Matter"

Traditional Irish and Celtic music with Kathy Wimmer and Marc Roberts. For information, contact Kathy at 249-7012.

Support Your Local Celtic Musicians!

The musicians who appear on this page are also members in good standing of the IAS. If you are looking for Irish/Scottish/Celtic music for an event, please contact the individual/groups directly.


Celtic and American Folk with a twist, variety of instruments and vocals. Contact: Kathy Wimmer (249-7012 kmillewimm@comcast.net)