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Next Monthly Meeting and Program

Friday, December 3

7 PM (Mountain Time)


Neolithic Complex of Treasures

In liu of what “normally” would be our annual Christmas Party, we’ve invited the amazing Maya Sutton to try again at her presentation on Newgrange. (You may remember that technical difficulties derailed her presentation in September.) We will also spend some time singing some Christmas tunes and maybe we’ll even get a visit from Santa!

Newgrange in Ireland is a magnificent huge stone and turf mound built 5,200 years ago. Its long interior passage “awakens” at the winter solstice sunrise. Archaeologists now grasp that Newgrange is the centerpiece of a complex of Neolithic treasures. In 2018, another large mound was unearthed nearby, its megaliths highly decorated with 5,000 year-old carvings. A drought revealed earthmarks of immense henges (or circles) once made of timber. Soon 40 more “monuments” were discovered via geophysical imaging. In 2020, DNA from a bone of a Neolithic male buried inside Newgrange revealed that his parents mated by incest. What more awaits discovery?

Dr. Maya Magee Sutton is a dual citizen of the U.S. and the Republic of Ireland. Her grandfather was born in Co. Meath, close to Newgrange and the Hill of Tara. Dr. Sutton received her PhD from UNM, where she taught for 35 years. She has taught Celtic Mythology at UNM for 10 years.

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